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By: Lance Looper on February 21st, 2024

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Precise, Reliable Gas Delivery for Critical Applications

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For hospitals and medical facilities, precision is critical when it comes to gas delivery. They rely on consistent, accurate oxygen pressure control as it travels from the external tank and through the system for patient use. 

If a gas delivery system isn’t adaptive to pressure fluctuations caused by changing weather, for example, even a seemingly tiny wobble of one or two PSI can have serious consequences and trigger alarms that can escalate quickly: too high or too low of a pressure drop will cause a loss of the usable oxygen supply.


GDR Standard


Reduce hospital alarms with reliable, precise pressure

The Generant GDR (Gas Delivery Regulator) Series Regulator was designed to eliminate that risk. Its balanced design reliably decreases the pressure as oxygen passes from the exterior tank, through the vaporizer and manifold, bringing it down to the 55 PSI the hospital needs. Typically installed on the manifold piping in tandem with a second GDR for backup, the regulator provides precise pressure control in the most demanding situations.

Built in the USA and fully tested

Forged and built in Butler, New Jersey, the Generant GDR is a truly American product. With all brass construction and solid non-tied diaphragm, the GDR Series Regulator delivers leak-free, long-lasting performance. It’s 100% factory tested and is fully balanced to practically eliminate outlet pressure fluctuations due to inlet pressure variations.


GDR Versions

Uniquely designed and optimized for high flow

The GDR’s unique design features an optimized spring that produces a venturi effect, similar to how air flows around an airplane wing, thereby producing high flow that far suprasses rival regulator designs. The GDR is also configurable to accommodate different porting options, panel-mounted, chamber pipe-a-way or pilot operated to suit other applications such as laser cutting and non-medical gas delivery.

Key Features: 

  • Fully balanced regulator
  • Optimized flow for gas
  • Wide pressure range
  • 550 PSI inlet and 450 outlets
  • Final line regulator for gas delivery
  • Reduces hospital alarms
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • All brass for oxygen service

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