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Prevent Gas Mix-Ups: Ratermann's Guide to SB-26

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Sb 26 requirements coverSB-26 (CGA Special Bulletin 26) was created to help prevent anyone from installing incorrect fittings on liquid cylinders, as the result of such, especially in Medical applications, has been and can be fatal.

In addition to prevention, it also incorporates product identification, which is equally important in ensuring the inteded gas is used for the intended application, by making the product name and type as visible as possible. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • SB-26 requirements for medical and industrial applications
  • Our recommendations for best practice
  • Much more!


*This guide was made by Ratermann Mfg. not the CGA. Products shown are Ratermann Manufacturing's recommendations, the CGA does not recommend or endorse any specific products.

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SB-26 product guide

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