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By: Lance Looper on August 24th, 2023

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Hydrogen Safety: Choose the Right Valve

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Hydrogen, specifically green hydrogen, is growing in popularity as countries and industries look for climate-friendly energy solutions that reduce reliance on fossil fuels. As demand grows, so does the need for developing a safe, reliable infrastructure that makes that transition more feasible. 

What is green hydrogen?

Hydrogen on its own is a non-toxic, non-greenhouse gas that is invisible and odorless. And though it is the most common element in the universe, it typically exists in chemical compounds. 

To get pure hydrogen, you have to split water (H2O), into oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H2). Electrolysis is the process of splitting the elements using an electric current. “Green” hydrogen employs green energy sources like wind or solar for electrolysis, making it the most climate-friendly option.

Though hydrogen is considered climate-friendly and can be safely released into the atmosphere, it is also very flammable and can be explosive. Thus, safety in hydrogen applications is top priority.

Liquid hydrogen safety

Hydrogen safety requires safe control of liquid hydrogen flows, which is where cryogenic operating globe valves become extremely important. The Herose FullX valves are specifically designed for hydrogen service, with updated features like an intelligent modular system that can be configured exactly to the requirements of your hydrogen infrastructure.

The FullX series offers a variable stem length, hand or automatic flow control, flow throttling, backflow prevention and a bellow to reduce hydrogen leakage up to 10-9 (meaning it would take millions of years for a single gram of hydrogen to leak out). The FullX also comes in straight, angled or y-shaped options, making it a truly versatile and powerful modular system. It’s even suitable for upside-down installation.

Of particular note, the Y-pattern valve increases flow by 60 to 70%, ideal for high-flow situations like feeding a customer supply line or a pumping system. And increasing flow minimizes pressure drop.

Resolving metal embrittlement concerns with innovative technology

Metal embrittlement has been a chief concern in the hydrogen industry, as liquid hydrogen can alter some metals’ stability and lower the brittleness threshold. This occurs because hydrogen can penetrate some metals and become incorporated into the metal structure. In response, Herose has adopted valve materials that remain ductile and durable despite hydrogen’s effects.

Specifically, casting material of shut-off valve, filter and check valve housings have been improved with high-quality stainless steel, as has the seat insert material for safety valves. Higher-quality materials equal higher safety overall, as proven by Herose’s extensive hydrogen embrittlement tests. 

Herose FullX Valves

FullX valves – ideally suited for hydrogen applications

Thanks to its modular design, Herose FullX series valves provide flexibility and optimum installation in vacuum-insulated systems. Cryogenic media is protected from unwanted rapid evaporation down to -269C.

With bellow, bellow monitoring and check functions, a control function, and an actuator option, FullX valves provide safe, reliable solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Vacuum-insulated pipelines
  • Pressure vessels for helium, hydrogen and oxygen
  • Air separation plants
  • Cold box systems
  • Fueling systems in aerospace and space technology
  • Cryostats

Plus, the option for a shorter transport trailer valve reduces the likelihood of a valve rattling loose due to the heavy vibrations during transport. The piston style actuator helps with this as well, counteracting the vibrations of the truck.


Herose FullX ValvesHerose FullX Valves


Herose FullX Key Advantages:

  • Working temperature: -269C to +80C
  • Pressure: Up to PN 63
  • Sizes: DN 10 - DN 50
  • Approved media: hydrogen, air gases, steam and cryogenically liquefied gases
  • Top-entry function for quick and cost-effective maintenance without loss of vacuum
  • Longer service life
  • High internal and external leak tightness
  • Reduction of heat losses during cooling and heating processes
  • Bellows option for installation in any position
  • Check function for zero backflow
  • Regulation of medium flow
  • Y-pattern globe valves offer high flow rates
  • Low torque packing
  • New trailer valves with shorter stems
  • Piston actuators


Herose FullX Valves

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