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By: Lance Looper on July 12th, 2023

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Eliminate leaks and heat loss with Herose FullX hydrogen valves.

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Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe, and is rapidly becoming more and more important in the sustainable energy supply. This increased demand, coupled with the stringent requirements for conversion and use, makes quality, safety and security of the utmost importance. Herose’s high-performance FullX hydrogen valves are the standout in the industry across the full range of hydrogen applications:

  • Pressure vessels down to -425℉ (He, H2 and O2)
  • Air separation plants
  • Coldbox systems
  • Fueling systems for aerospace and space technology systems
  • Vacuum-insulated pipelines
  • Cryostats

Herose FullX Hydrogen Valve

One system–so many benefits.

The modular design of the FullX series provides extreme flexibility across systems with available variations that include bellows, bellow monitoring, check function and a newly-added control function. You can also equip valves with an actuator for nominal widths from DN10 to DN50.

FullX valves are designed for optimum installation in a vacuum-insulated system with protection from unwanted evaporation down to -425℉ (-269℃).

Easy maintenance without vacuum loss.

A top-entry design lets you remove the stem and disc without the need to open any pipework or insulation. Simply remove the bolts from the top four-bolt flange and you have quick access. This means you can perform any repairs or maintenance while the valve stays inline – saving you time and money.

Solid materials for longer service life and excellent leak tightness.

The FullX valves are made up of a solid, high-quality steel that practically no one else is using at this point. This not only ensures extremely high quality, but also creates the ability to raise the pressure rating up to 900 PSI, opening the door for entirely new thinking about what you can do with hydrogen.

The solid body material, combined with the bellows option, makes the valve extremely tight and virtually leak-free for vacuum-jacketed systems. Through extensive in-house testing, heat losses remained extremely low, greatly reducing medium losses during cooling and heating processes:

  • Leak rate - to vacuum:  1*10-9 mbar*l/sec
  • Leak rate - seat tightness: 1*10-4 mbar*l/sec
  • Leak rate - to atmosphere: 1*10-8 mbar*l/sec (1*10-9 mbar*l/sec with bellow)

Install in any position – even upside down.

Thanks to the design of the bottom bellows, FullX valves can be installed in any position, including upside down. It’s typically a no-no in the cryogenic world to install a valve at anything beyond a 45-degree angle, but the bottom bellows negates that. Narrow spaces are no longer a problem, as the FullX gives you incredible flexibility.

Check function = no backflow.

With the check function, FullX valves allow liquids and gases to flow only in one direction, protecting your system from serious damage at all times.

Total flow control.

The FullX’s control function lets you adjust the flow of fluids and gases depending on your system requirements, preventing any incidental medium loss. A Y-pattern valve means you can increase flow by 60-70%. When you think about hydrogen applications outside of the norm, such as feeding a customer supply line or a pumping system, increasing flow minimizes pressure drop.

Throttle control prevents pressure peaks.

The FullX features a throttle function, which prevents any pressure peaks in the system as the valve opens and closes – again saving your system from potential damage and downtime.


Herose FullX Hydrogen Valve

New piston actuator option.

The traditional valve model featured a diaphragm style actuator, but that can work itself loose over time and cause leaks. The FullX offers a piston style that holds up to the vibrations of a truck.

Herose FullX Key Advantages:

  • Rated for ℉ (-269℃)
  • Designed for vacuum-jacketed piping
  • Top entry valve that makes it easy for repair
  • Incorporates a stainless lip for vacuum jacketed installs
  • Vacuum jacketed valve designed for bulk installs
  • Y-pattern globe valves offer high flow rates
  • Low torque packing
  • Extremely low heat leak
  • Bellow assembly for zero leak
  • Pressure up to 900 PSI
  • New trailer valves with shorter stems
  • Piston actuators

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