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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on September 17th, 2016

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Why should you use oxygen safe lubicants

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Oxygen will react with conventional lubrication technologies, leading to potential for explosion, fire and deterioration of the lubricant and component failure. Oxygen accelerates the decomposition of hydrocarbon lubricants. They rapidly form tars and varnish, causing bearings to fail. Oxygen will react with conventional additives, leading to degradation,reduced lubricant life, and a need for more frequent lubrication.


As an alternate DuPont'M Krytox'" is the lubricant of choice for oxygen and reactive gas service with over 40 years

of experience.


Krytox oils and greases are completely nonflamma­ble, chemically inert, thermally stable and completely safe to use in all areas of oxygen service. Krytox products provide excellent lubricity at extremes of both low and high temperature. Krytox technology has set the standard for lubrication in the com­ pressed gas industry.

Krytox works great on:

  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Cryogenic blowers
  • bearings
  • compressors
  • oxygen valves
  • fittings and O-rings
  • used as a vacuum pump fluid in oxygen service

Krytox vacuum pump fluids are used in applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause safety, waste disposal, and maintenance problems. They are nonflammable and reduce the chance of fire in pumps. They can replace any competitive PFPE f luid as well as any other type of vacuum f luid. Krytox fluids do not contain acetal groups, which are susceptible to attack by lewis acids. This Gives Krytox super ior stability as a vacuum pump f luid. Krytox vacuum fluids are precisely distilled to provide low vapor pressures and give superior performance leading to extended equipment life. In addition, Krytox fluids are recyclable.


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