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By: Craig Pagano on July 19th, 2023

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Versatile, Durable, Safe: Taylor-Wharton Liquid Cylinders Lead the Industry

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Ratermann has a long and established relationship with Taylor-Wharton, and is one of the largest North American distributors for all DOT-4L liquid cylinders. Ideal for a wide variety of liquified gases, Taylor-Wharton cylinders lead the industry in quality and safety.

Reliable features ensure excellent performance.

All Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders come with automatic dual-pressure build and economizer regulators, internal vaporizers, and feature state-of-the art safety features. Constructed of full stainless steel, Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders are portable and vacuum-insulated. 

Over the past few years, the company heavily invested in upgrading equipment for improved internal coils. In the past, copper was primarily used for the vaporizing coil, but over time this led to delamination and eventual compromise of the bond between the coil and the internal wall. The end result was loss of vaporization of the unit. To correct this, Taylor-Wharton now uses a silver brazing process that prevents vaporization loss. 

Other enhanced features include:


  • Full Circle Shock-Mount Ring
  • Polished Heavy Duty Outer Body
  • Innovative Non-Binding Contents Gauge
  • Reinforced Lateral Head Support
  • Color-Coded Relief Valves for Different Pressure Settings
  • Volume Range from 70 to 450 Liters
  • 7-Year Vacuum Warranty

Taylor-Wharton Liquid Cylinders

Low-pressure: liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen.

Available in DOT 4L-100, 160, 180, 230 and 240 capacities, the low-pressure, 22 PSI-rated cylinder series is rugged and easily maneuverable. Designed specifically for low-pressure filling, storing and dispensing applications, these cylinders offer quick, simple liquid withdrawal, with oxygen service and pressure-building capabilities available. For example, cryogenic bio freezing or cryotherapy units require a pressure-building system to deliver consistent head pressure to the tank. Without that head pressure, there would be no push of liquid.

Taylor-Wharton Liquid Cylinders
Medium-pressure: liquid or gaseous nitrogen, oxygen or argon.

The DOT 4L-200 offers tough construction for worry-free road transport of liquid or gaseous nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Automatic pressure-building and economizer circuits are standard, and low-loss holding capabilities conserve fill during low-demand periods. Medium-pressure tanks feature pressure relief valves rated for 230 PSI, with inner container bursting disc rated at 360 PSI. A four-valve top holds pressure building, vent and gas-use valves. Common applications for these tanks include manifold welding and cutting.

Taylor-Wharton Liquid Cylinders

High-pressure: gas and liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Taylor-Wharton’s high-pressure liquid cylinders (DOT 4L- 412) are a good option for people who aren’t quite ready for a micro-bulk. They’re ideal for handling a wide variety of gases or liquified gases, and are equipped with an internal vaporizer. As with the other models, automatic dual pressure building and economizer regulators are standard, as are state-of-the-art safety features.

The 200L size is the most popular, primarily used for laser cutting. High-pressure tanks are rated to 500 PSI with a 450 PSI delivery pressure. 

Flexible sizing to accommodate any situation.

Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders come with round or square bases. Rounded bases are typically preferred for older buildings with smaller doorways and spaces. Four-caster bases are also available, to make transporting a breeze.

Additional accessories for specific applications are also available, from transfer hoses to cryogenic phase separators to external heat exchangers. Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders are designed to fit the full range of liquid gas applications.

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