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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on September 17th, 2016

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How the Ratermann Inc Vacuum Jacketed hose is different from the rest

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Here are 3 benefits of the vacuum jacketed hose and what they mean to you

1.Reduced cryogen consumption saves you money.

  • Ratermann’s Vacuum Jacketed hose is the most thermally efficient transfer hose available, reducing liquid nitrogen loss (or other cryogenic liquids) during use.
  • Cooldown losses are reduced 

2.Improved Productivity

  • Higher quality liquid with lower gas content at the point of use improves equipment efficiency.
  • Rapid hose cooldown reduces cooling time and speeds liquid cryogen delivery to the use point.

3.Safer to use:

  • Outer surface is safe to the touch, even when used with liquid helium.
  • Hazardous ice and dripping water is reduced, increasing safety.


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 The vacuum jacketed hose stops hose condensation - no more wet floors! Click here to read