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Heather Fletcher

By: Heather Fletcher on October 29th, 2021

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The Importance of a Reliable Supply Chain.

It’s no surprise that the availability of most products within the past two years has been challenging at best! Many manufacturers are facing tough decisions based on raw goods material shortages, increased freight prices, and employee shortages. During these times especially, a good distributor relationship is crucial to ensure that your business is not interrupted.

At Ratermann, we are constantly having the “tough” conversations in order to guarantee that we are providing our customers with reliable information in a timely manner. Our educated inside and outside sales force is able to come up with alternative “out of the box” solutions when regular products are not available.

We thrive on the Ratermann name being synonymous with the world reliable. Reliable to us starts from the bottom up—it starts with having great relationships with our customers. We want to be your first thought when it comes to cryogenic and compressed gas tanks and products. It should be easy and seamless when placing an order and getting a confirmation, and most importantly notified when delivery times are un-expectantly delayed. Reliable communication is key to safeguarding our customer relationships and their businesses.

Ratermann strives to be the leader in industry knowledge- in doing so we have created two sub-specialty departments, our Cryogenic division who has their own customer service agents solely focused on helping customers get solutions. Secondly, our branding department—not only are they creating any type of label or decal needed. They are also providing full branding solutions for companies who are interested in expanding their footprint in the industry. We are providing full website overhauls, logo enhancement, and ideas for additional branding products. Having a distributor that is invested in your company being successful is priceless.

As we all know even with the based laid plans- emergencies arise. Ratermann prides itself on having the most in-stock inventory with locations based in 3 large hubs within the United States. With locations based in the Central, and Pacific Time zones- we are able to ship via NDA same day to ensure that your plant operations are never interrupted. We are also always adding newer products and additional sizes of products that you may need. We have the inventory in three different warehouses to always have what you need.

At Ratermann we also know that we are only as good as our manufacturer and vendor relationships, because of Ratermann’s long-standing relationships with many of the top gas supply vendors – we are always the first distributor to get product and we are the first to be notified of delays or price increases. This additional time provides Ratermann the opportunity to notify our customers immediately and prevent any minor problems from becoming major ones.

When you choose Ratermann you are guaranteeing a dependable and reliable solution, where the customer always comes first.

About Heather Fletcher

Heather is the Southeastern Account Manager for Ratermann Manufacturing

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