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By: Lance Looper on February 22nd, 2023

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Take the Pressure Off with Generant CRB & CRV Relief Valves

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When was the last time you checked your block line safety valves? More than four years ago?

A workhorse in the cryo world.

Block line safety valves stay under constant pressure, and are necessary devices in the cryogenic world. Think about it this way: liquid cryogens (below -20℉) are perpetually trying to change from a liquid into a gas and are constantly building up pressure. When a clogged or malfunctioning valve fails to relieve the pressure, things go boom.

Set a valve-check protocol.

It’s good practice to check and change out your safety valves every four to five years as a general safety protocol. Why? Particulates can build up (like bits of Teflon tape), or valves can become stuck and not work properly. It’s important to stay ahead of any potential problems, or disasters, by regularly checking these valves.

CRB & CRV Relief Valves

Generant CRV & CRB valves are among the best in the industry.

Manufactured from high-quality brass or stainless steel, the Generant CRV and CRB are spring reference-over-pressure protection devices and ship cleaned and individually packaged, ready for oxygen service. Both models can be ordered with a range of factory pre-set pressures from 10 to 750 Psig, as relief pressure cannot be altered or adjusted in the field.

An exclusive Dirt Guard protects the line from any system debris, and relief pressure can be safely discharged to the atmosphere or to a downstream connection. 


CRB valve cutaway


Unique to the CRB – the bleed valve.

The CRB series features an integral bleed valve, which allows you to vent the system pressure during line maintenance operations by venting system pressure away from you. This makes it safer and easier to disassemble and change out the valve. It’s ideally suited for blocked line safety in cryogenic systems.

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