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By: Craig Pagano on February 8th, 2023

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Seal the Deal with Reliable, Multi-use Lox-8 Paste

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Cleaner in appearance, and much more reliable than Teflon tape, Flouramics Lox-8 Paste is the answer to all your lubricant and sealant concerns. 

Engineered to perform under the toughest conditions

Designed to withstand harsh chemicals and situations where extreme acids or powerful oxidizers are in use, Lox-8 Paste can withstand high pressures and a wide range of extreme temperatures (from cryogenic deep freeze to 550℉).

Wet or dry, Lox-8 Paste is a versatile option for a variety of industries and systems, including oils, hydraulics, fuels, chlorines, hypochlorites and more. It’s also oxygen safe and is both nonflammable and nontoxic.

Prevents squeaking, galling and corrosion

Because everything is stainless steel in the cryogenic world, galling can be an issue if you torque metal threads when trying to seal. Grease is the best at preventing galling and corrosion, and it eliminates squeaking. Likewise, it make it easier to unseal by preventing bolts from freezing in place.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust, but depending on its nickel content, it can develop a powdery white residue. Lox-8 Paste helps prevent that from happening.

Leaves Teflon tape in the dust

There’s no question that Teflon tape is an inexpensive and common solution. But it’s not without problems. It doesn’t melt into threads and it can come unwound if it’s not taped just right. It’s also cheap, thin, and looks unprofessional when ragged tail ends stick out from a connection.

Lox-8 Paste

Lox-8 Paste goes above and beyond, melting into the threads and acting as a lubricant that allows you to better drive in your connection and thus make a stronger seal. It also looks cleaner as a finished product, and it’s much more reliable because it simply allows for a stronger seal. Additionally, it comes in a plunger (as well as tubes and tubs) for much more precise applications.

One grease, so many applications

Lox-8 Paste is ideal for water treatment plants because it stands up to the harsh chemicals in use. But it’s also well-suited for medical and industrial gases, liquid cryogenics, welding, diving equipment, and plumbing. It’s safe for use with plastic pipes and nylon, and is NSF-approved for use in food processing facilities.

Like a multi-tool for sealing and lubricating, Lox-8 Past eliminates plumbing errors and standardizes your toolbox or your factory with one hard-working paste. 

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