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By: Craig Pagano on January 31st, 2023

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Save Time with Quick-Turn Liquid Cylinder Filling Tools

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There’s simply no substitute for using the right tool for the job, which is why the angled liquid cylinder filling tool more than fits the bill.

Lost wrenches? No problem. Worried about carpal tunnel syndrome risks? No need.

With 45- and 90-degree angled options and a thoughtfully designed T-handle, these heavy-duty cryogenic fill connectors reduce wear and tear on both you and your equipment. The angled tip eliminates any heavy bend in the attached hose, and the T-handle construction requires less physical exertion.


Designed for Leverage

Each tool is constructed of heavy-duty, polished stainless steel with welded T-handles that eliminate the need for crescent or open-ended wrenches. The T-handle provides the torque you need, especially in winter, when freezing temperatures can make it more difficult to spin on and off the cylinder.

Another bonus? T-handles also help ergonomically by reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive motion. It’s truly a win-win for you and the equipment.

Quick Spin On and Off

Easy to use, this tool makes quick work of cylinder filling. You’ll speed up fill times and increase productivity by getting more done in a day. You’ll also recoup time by not having to locate wrenches.

Adaptable for Multiple Applications

Though primarily designed for refilling liquid oxygen or nitrogen tanks, the quick-turn tool is also a great option in university and lab settings, for customers hooking up to cryogenic bio freezers or any situation where there’s repeated spinning on and off.

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