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By: Craig Pagano on February 14th, 2024

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Save Time and Prevent Injury with Ratermann Medical Dust Covers

Medical Gas Supplies

Repetitive motion is one of the top causes of on-the-job injuries. In the medical gas industry, an oxygen distributor can fill thousands of cylinders a day, and each fill requires a new seal and dust cover. In the past, that repetitive work of popping off and replacing covers and seals quickly resulted in thumb and hand overuse injuries. And the ripple effect could be decreased productivity and fewer cylinders moving out each day.


medical dust cover with seal


To alleviate that problem and increase efficiency, we worked with manufacturers to design a faster, easier solution that improves ergonomic function and reduces the chance for thumb and hand injury; which in turn increases overall productivity. 


medical dust cover no seal


Our medical dust covers are uniquely designed with a preloaded washer (you can also opt for non-preloaded), which cuts out the extra step of installing the MC-1 or MC-G1 seals. Anyone with arthritis or other hand usage limitations has struggled in the past with those seals. Now, an easy finger-pull tab changes the game entirely. We also included small winglets on the sides to make the covers even easier to push on. 


medical dust cover with finger tab


Our covers and seals are truly universal, and work on all brands of post valves and multiple gas types, because they utilize the valve outlet rather than the pin index holes. The medical gas industry can be a cutthroat business, and efficiency is key to increasing production. Our medical dust covers do that and more, by also protecting installers’ hands.

Key Features:

  • Time-saving preloaded seal
  • Fast, push-on design
  • Eliminates interference with the burst disc on the post valve
  • Secured to valve
  • Uses valve outlet, not pin index holes, for universal compatibility with all post valves
  • Works with medical oxygen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide
  • Pronounced side flanges for easy push-on design, finger pull tab easy dust cover
  • Loadable seal option available

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