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By: Lance Looper on May 24th, 2023

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Save the Day with the Herose Low-Temperature Strainer Valve

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The best way to keep customers happy? Ensure their cryogenic systems are working smoothly, efficiently, and without downtime. Herose’s low-temperature strainer valve helps you do just that, by trapping particulates and debris and preventing them from wreaking havoc downstream. This strainer is an ideal solution for bulk and micro-bulk tank systems to remove contaminants during the liquid to gas process.

Herose Low-Temperature Strainer Valve

One of the few strainers rated for cryogenic extremes.

Not many strainers are rated to withstand extreme cold, but the Herose Low-Temperature 08414 series was designed to function effectively and reliably as low as -325℉. For comparison, about 95% of strainers in the industry are only rated to -40℉, which won’t perform in extreme cryogenic conditions. This is where the Herose strainer really saves the day and prevents contaminants like Teflon and tank slag from clogging up regulators and vaporizers.

herose low temperature strainer

1: Body; 2: Strainer Screen; 3: Bonnet Gasket; 4: Bolts; 5: Cap

Monel strainer basket adds safety in oxygen service.

An available 100 Monel Mesh screen features 100 wires per square inch, which is extremely fine and effective for catching the tiniest particulates. In oxygen service, there are multiple scenarios in which a particulate could create a build up of heat and become catastrophically dangerous. Even a tiny stainless steel burr could go down the line and become a source of ignition. The Monel strainer adds a necessary layer of safety by catching the tiniest debris.

Built to take the pressure.

Because the majority of strainers are only rated for lower pressures, Herose beefed up the pressure rating throughout most of their product line. Rated for 725 PSI, the Herose Low-Temperature strainer is a standout in the industry.


Easy drop-in for any system.

Drop the Herose Low-Temperature strainer in-line into any system that incorporates a filter for easy installation. Options include stainless steel with bronze, all stainless or all brass bronze, with socket weld, threaded, butt weld and flange options, cleaned and degreased for oxygen service.

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