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By: Josh Drury on June 12th, 2024

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Reliable and Flexible: Flat-bottom EasyCarb Tanks

Beverage Solutions

When it comes to the beverage carbonation game, it’s all about efficiency. The more reliable and efficient your system is, the more productive and profitable your operation can be. Whether your system is aging and showing signs of wear and tear (pressure inconsistencies, running out of CO2 too quickly, etc.) or you’re planning to install a new service, Taylor-Wharton EasyCarb is hands-down the most reliable choice.


Flat bottom 550 750 EasyCarb tanks

Newly-designed, faster fill system

Faster fills equals more customer deliveries per day. Thanks to the industry-leading design and the 100% stainless steel vaporizer coil, EasyCarb tanks offer greater continuous and peak flow rates, up to 40 pounds per hour.


Reliably efficient, streamlined operation

Designed and vetted by industry experts, the EasyCarb system boasts better thermal performance for longer product holding times and less venting, with an automatic fill shut off. User-friendly plumbing components and improved labeling and component identification help you get things up and running quickly. The new design also features fewer threaded connections than other designs, which greatly reduces leak risk.


EasyCarb tanks in stock at Ratermann


550 and 750 flat-bottom tanks in stock now

Ratermann has a ready supply of 550 and 750 EasyCarb tanks with flat bottoms in-stock and ready for quick, direct shipping. While six-inch legs are an available option, many operations don’t require them. Flat bottom tanks don’t have to be bolted to the ground like tanks with legs, making them more flexible for moving and positioning.


Key Features:

  • Capacity range from 300 – 750 lbs
  • Peak flow rates up to 40 lbs/hour
  • Instrument grade fittings and less threaded connections minimize leak risk
  • Optional Blue 3-Layer corrosion resistant coating available for water treatment applications
  • Vent Fill configuration available
  • All models 6″ legs available option and removable shipping ring

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