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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on September 28th, 2021

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Ratermann forges new partnership with Wise Telemetry

Wise telemetry offers the most complete and affordable telemetry solution in the industrial gas market and it will now be offered through Ratermann’s reliable service. Eric Wise, President of Wise telemetry explains their choice in choosing Ratermann as their partner,“When considering possible distribution partners, Ratermann had what we were looking for right in their slogan: reliability.  Our customers depend on the data from our devices, so reliability is key in our work.  Ratermann’s 23 years of providing excellent, reliable service to the industrial gas market is a great fit for us.”

 Brent Lockhart, President of Ratermann responds, “Ratermann believes Wise Telemetry is the most progressive telemetry product offering on the market and will bring additional efficiency to our customers operations. Wise Telemetry offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and at the same time is the longest lasting and most reliable making it unparallel to other telemetry offerings and we now can offer the tanks we sell pre-installed with telemetry units. “

 Ratermann Manufacturing is the largest supplier of cryogenic and industrial gas parts and supplies including micro bulk tanks, liquid cylinders and bev-carb tanks. Now, customers can purchase their tanks from Ratermann with the Wise telemetry unit installed or, purchase the Wise telemetry system to compliment assets they already own.

 Wise continues, “By partnering with Ratermann, customers can receive their new gas assets with telemetry already installed on them.  Additionally, customers can have telemetry installed on their assets while they are being recertified or refurbished.  Both services save technician time in the field and allow for rapid telemetry deployments with minimal disruption to ordinary operations.” 

 All Wise telemetry units come with access to the customer app and dashboard. The app and dashboard allow customers to track their assets in real time eliminating needing to drive out to customers to check the tank. Eric Wise mentions, “ Customers like our software. They find it powerful enough to do the job, but not so powerful that it overwhelms them with features they don’t need.”

 Currently Wise Telemetry units offer the highest ROI because of offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The products offer the longest battery and highest reliability on the market. The reliability of telemetry units is crucial in the success of managing the assets attached to them. All products come with a 5 year no questions asked warranty making the systems trustworthy and efficient.  

Wise, “People enjoy the affordability of our products, especially the newly released products that incorporate Otodata's technology.  It allows customers to deploy telemetry where they previously couldn't.”

 Ratermann will now offer telemetry systems for all of the applications Wise offers including:

Some of the products include telemetry systems for:

  • Bulk and Microbulk tanks
  • Manifolds
  • Liquid Cylinders
  • Dewars
  • Bundle Packs
  • CO2 Tanks
  • Bev-carb tanks
  • Applications with scales


Built on innovation, Wise Telemetry is still developing new and impressive options for customers including monitors for smaller assets. Wise talks about the newly released Elite Slim Product line,“With our newly released Elite Slim product line, you can now monitor smaller assets like CO2 tanks and cylinder cradles for just $2.50 per month.  Ratermann’s extensive distribution network will allow the industry to quickly release the benefits of this new era in telemetry.”

 Brent Lockhart talks about partnering with a telemetry company, “The Ratermann Manufacturing Culture thrives off of creativity and servicing our customers the best we can. Wise is a company that had a visionary idea and made it into reality. That idea was built from a need from customers to save money and time. It made perfect sense to partner with Wise. We can now offer our customers a great product that in the end brings a new level of efficiency to their business. “

 Ratermann manufacturing serves each customer with the convenience of their own Account Representative located in their region, 3 warehouses around the country for fast and reliable shipping, and an entire customer’s service team dedicated to helping answer any questions a customer may have. Wise Telemetry will now be offered through all of Ratermann’s channels of business including their new e-commerce website.

 Brent Lockhart, “ We are very excited for the opportunity to pair our current tank offering with Wise products and to complement each order with our dedication to reliable service and reliable solutions. I think telemetry is going to play a major part in the continued success of our industry and am really proud to be a part of it with Wise Telemetry.”


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