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By: Lance Looper on July 26th, 2023

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Prevent Hydrogen Embrittlement with Herose ASME Stainless Relief Valves

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As hydrogen continues to increase in popularity, a particular focus is finding valves and components that are tough enough to stand up to hydrogen. By affecting the electrochemical kinetics of certain metals, hydrogen can cause pitting and acceleration of the rate of inter-granular corrosion of high-strength steels, titanium alloys and aluminum alloys, which are the most vulnerable metals. Additionally, the interaction of hydrogen and stress can result in escalated stress-corrosion cracking susceptibility of steel, particularly in welded joints.

This mechanical damage of metal is known as Hydrogen Embrittlement. When it comes to relief and globe valves, the integrity of the valve is of utmost importance.

Herose ASME Stainless Relief Valves

Developed for hydrogen, to resist metal embrittlement.

Stainless steel is a popular material for the liquid and compressed gas industry due to its purity and durability. But faced with the problems of hydrogen embrittlement, the engineers at Herose developed a grade of stainless steel with a higher nickel content. Through their development and testing, they found that the higher percentage of nickel in the metallurgy actually works to prevent embrittlement, and thus prevent cracking and pitting of the valve.

Extensive solutions, for a wide variety of applications.

Herose ASME Hydrogen Relief Valves are used across the full range of applications, available from 40 to 3,625 PSI pressure relief. All valves are rated for both hydrogen and cryogenic service down to -425℉.

Approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) across all industry specifications, the valve series also has KAG approvals on the way – important when you realize how many tanks are built in the U.S. and shipped to Korea.


Herose ASME Stainless Relief Valves

Cost effective, without compromising quality.

Herose’s ASME Hydrogen Relief Valves are considerably less expensive than many competitors, but that doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed quality. Like for like, the Herose valves stand up to and even surpass durability, longevity and safety performance when compared with other similar valves.

What’s more, Herose valves have lower lead times with four to five weeks or less. That’s impressive when you consider that the vast majority of competitor valves have a much longer delivery time, usually 27 to 32 weeks. That’s detrimental to your company’s efficiency and agility.

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