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By: Craig Pagano on April 20th, 2023

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Stay Safe with Low Temp Oxygen Deficiency Alarms from CO2Meter

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Respiratory Standard defines a life-threatening oxygen-deficient atmosphere as anything below 19.5 percent. An oxygen-deficient environment can very rapidly lead to hypoxia (the condition in which the brain and body organs and tissues are deprived of oxygen) and death – thus the extreme importance of having oxygen deficiency alarms in any enclosed environment storing compressed gasses or cryogenic liquids.

The CO2 beverage industry has for some time been required to employ oxygen deficiency alarms, but after a tragic accident at a poultry processing plant, food processing and packaging plants will also now be required to install safety monitors.

Newly developed for severe low-temperature environments.

Just launched in early 2023, the CO2Meter Oxygen Deficiency Safety Alarm for Low Temperatures was specifically designed for cryogenic environments, operating accurately in temperatures as low as -50°C. It does not require a zero calibration, and is low maintenance.

These alarms will protect employees working in enclosed areas storing nitrogen, argon, ammonia, chlorine, propane, nitrous oxide, helium and other inert gasses. Developed for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cryogenics, process cooling, freezers, manufacturing, food and beverage and research facilities, the oxygen deficiency safety alarm for low temperatures is a must for a wide range of industries.


Specifications & Advantages:

  • Accurate and reliable at severe low temperatures as low as -50°C (full operating range from -50°C to 50°C)
  • Real-time oxygen level readout on the sensor and remote display
  • Audible and flashing alarm (90db) on both sensor and remote display for oxygen levels below 19.5% and above 23.5%
  • 3 user-configurable alarms meet all OSHA codes
  • Remote display mountable up to 300 feet away
  • Can be connected to other central alarm systems
  • 10-year sensor life expectancy


The safe, reliable choice for peace of mind.

An oxygen-deficient environment can effect an employee in a matter of seconds, before they know there’s even a problem. And given the nature of compressed and liquid gasses, even a small drip leak can instantly become a life-threatening emergency. 

Installing an oxygen deficiency monitor is the easiest, most reliable way to make sure your employees and facilities are safe, and ensure you can respond to a problem instantly.

Find out more about CO2Meter in this deep dive with executive vice president Josh Pringle.


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