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Mary Carter

By: Mary Carter on February 1st, 2022

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Label ink that lasts for years.

Wanting to be the most reliable label supplier, Ratermann Manufacturing spent months hunting down the strongest ink we could find by testing several different types. We found an ink that gets stronger the longer it is in the sun, expanding its resistance to fading by years vs. months like standard inks on the market. This means companies whose cylinders are outside and exposed to a large amount of time in the sun will be significantly more resistant to fading. The picture shows that there is only a very slight fade to the coloring of the label over 2 years.

The photo of the labels below shows two labels from the exact same roll produced in 2018. The top label has been in direct sunlight for over 8 hours per day since Jan 2018. The bottom Label is brand-new and shows the original coloring of the label, the photo was taken a minute after the bottom label was applied on Feb 26th, 2020.

After our labels are printed we dry the ink with UV light. Once the ink is exposed to the UV light the ink dries and becomes permanent, scratch-proof, and weather resistant. From that point on, the ink uses any UV light it is exposed to strengthen, including UV's from the sun. To request a sample of our labels or to talk with someone please call us at 1-800-264-7793.

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About Mary Carter

Mary Carter is the Business Development Manager for the label division at Ratermann Manufacturing.

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