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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on February 13th, 2017

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Compare our Nitrogen Generator Against the Others

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Ratermann Manufacturing's Nitrogen Generator at a Glance

here is a break down of the Nitrogen Generator features that save you money and give you convenience. 

Does not need a climate controlled environment:

Our nitrogen generator is not temp sensitive, because our nitrogen generator isn’t reliant on the climate, the nitrogen generator can be installed in either a climate- controlled or non climate controlled environment such as a basement.
Average nitrogen generator: 65-85 degrees

Our nitrogen generator: operates between 35-115 degrees fahrenheit

Life time of the compressor:

Compressors are an expensive asset of the nitrogen generator. Our industrial grade compressor expands the lifetime of the average nitrogen generator compressor.

Our nitrogen generator: 19+ years average life time (able to be used over and over)

Average nitrogen generator compressor: 5-7 years

Long lasting filter:

Average life time of our nitrogen generator filter: 2 years

Average life time of other nitrogen generator filter: 6 months

Avoids altitude limits:

Our nitrogen generator: Because of the membrane system, our nitrogen generator pulls in air from outside allowing it to work in any elevation

PSA system nitrogen generators: don’t work above 1,000 ft elevation

Space saving:

The compressor of our nitrogen generator can be installed up to 100 feet from the nitrogen generator unit which allows the nitrogen generator to fit almost anywhere.

Noise of the compressor:

The compressor can be installed up to 100 feet away from the generator. If the nitrogen generator needs to be close to a dining room in a restaurant the compressor can be moved to avoid noise pollution.

Automatic shut off:

Our nitrogen generator has an automatic shut off after 6 hours of no-use or if there is a leak in the cooler.



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