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By: Josh Drury on February 6th, 2024

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New Testing Proves Ratermann Dry Ice Bins Minimize Losses

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When looking at dry ice storage bins, customers often ask about the importance of a gasket or seal in the lid for preserving dry ice longer. Curious ourselves, we put the question to the test.

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Does a lid seal make a difference? No, not really.

For our tests, we set up two Ratermann bins, one without a seal and the other with a custom-made one-piece seal similar to those on competitor bins. We also set up two competitor bins, again one without a seal and one with. We filled all four bins with exactly 300 pounds of dry ice each and checked the losses at 8 AM each day for several days. 

On the first day, dry ice losses were less in the competitor’s bins. However, each progressive day equalized the losses so that by the third day, the losses were greater in the competitor’s bins. Loss amounts were the same regardless of the seal. 

Bottom line, Ratermann bins preserved more dry ice over the long run, and the presence of the seal had no effect on the amount of loss.

Keep in mind that preserving dry ice is all about your conditions. Fully packing the bins, using insulated bins and keeping them in a cool, well-ventilated location will yield the best results. 

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