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By: Lance Looper on August 9th, 2023

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Meet High-Purity Demands with Generant Stainless CRV Relief Valves

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When it comes to hydrogen systems, high-quality stainless steel is the rule, not the exception. Resistant to rust, discoloration and warping, stainless steel performs exceptionally well under harsh conditions. Not only relied upon for hydrogen systems, stainless steel components are also critically important in high-purity applications like cannabis extraction and oxygen service, where high quality is a necessity, not an option.

Generant Stainless CRV Relief Valves

Generant Stainless CRV Series relief valves rise to the challenges of high-purity processes and tough hydrogen standards. All valves are cleaned and packaged for oxygen service, which also makes them suitable for cryogenic relief valve applications.

Generant Stainless CRV Relief Valves


High flow rates with minimum pressure accumulation

The Generant Stainless CRV Series combines a thoughtfully designed seat and poppet geometry with optimized spring ranges to provide high flow rates while minimizing accumulated pressure. Set pressures range from 10 to 750 PSI, and come factory preset and permanently locked (meaning relief pressure cannot be tampered with out in the field). Choose to discharge relief pressure out into the surrounding atmosphere or to a downstream connection.




Flexibility across a range of applications

Available from quarter to half-inch sizes for hydrogen and cryogenic gases, the Generant Stainless CRV Series offers NPT, Metal-to-Metal Face Seal and Bi-Lok Dual Ferrule Tube connections. Valves can be specified with PCTFE or PTFE for set pressures above 50 PSI, Fluorosilicone for set pressures below 50 PSI, and FKM throughout the available set pressure range.

Key features:

  • Good for low temperatures to -325F
  • ¼ to ½ inch sizing
  • Set pressures from 10 to 725 PSI
  • NPT, Metal-to-Metal Face Seal and Bi-Lok Dual Ferrule Tube connections
  • High flow capacity and excellent reseal performance
  • Discharge to atmosphere or a wide variety of inline piping configurations
  • Factory preset set pressure and permanently locked for tamper proof service
  • 100% factory tested for leakage, crack and reseal performance
  • Optional deflector cap available for diverting exhausted gas
  • Cleaned and packaged for oxygen service 


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