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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on March 30th, 2021

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John Mark of Volunteer Welding talks about his relationship with Ratermann Manufacturing


We asked John Mark McMurtry, President and Co-owner of Volunteer Welding in Nashville, TN about his experience with Ratermann Manufacturing over the years. This is what he had to say:

"Volunteer Welding Supply is a customer service driven, industrial gas company. What we believe separates us from our competitors is attention to customer service detail we try to treat everyone how we would want to be treated and I think it has been a successful model for us.

When I started working with Ratermann I thought, this is genius.. it also made it so convenient for someone in purchasing to have a one source supply shop. 

When other companies ask about my experience with Ratermann I tell them that they've been great to work with. 

I have the blessing of having our location in Nashville & the Nashville market is busy, It's not just industrial, It's beverage and much more. There are so many services we are trying to provide our community that you can't always plan to have everything in stock. But Ratermann (Manufacturing) has always been there for us ..we can call up with an emergency needing a product and they always answer the call. It's almost as if you're the one customer that they're focused on.

A big part of the reason we deal with Ratermann (Manufacturing) is because they do have the inventory. They carry Vaporizers, liquid cans, and so many other products that we have to have. ... if there is an emergency they rapidly get them to us. 

Ratermann (Manufacturing) is a great partner to have."


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