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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on September 17th, 2016

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3 ways industrial gas distributors can improve the look of their industrial gas cylinder

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Good looking industrial gas cylinders = impressed customers

#1: Paint, paint and Paint


a good looking gas cylinder goes a long way with customers. Especially if a customer is in a lab using specialty gas. 

John Gabris , the specialty gas lab manager at Cee Kay Supply had this to say about painting their industrial gas cylinders, " We paint our cylinders more often because we want to project a high quality image to our customers and our customers really apprecaite that. "

Click here to watch John Gabris explain what extra steps Cee Kay Supply takes to ensure quality products

For standard or custom color spray can paint , 1 gallon paint, 5 gallon paint and paint rollers click here

#2: Cylinder Netting


Net your cylinders to prevent bang up

To keep your cylinders looking nice longer net your cylinders. Cylinder netting is a simple tool that keeps your cylinder paint from becoming scratched during transportation.

Click here to see how Cee Kay Supply uses netting on all of their cylinders

to order netting click here

Step 3: Shrink wrap your cylinder valves


Shrink wrapping your cylinder valve shows customer's that you care about quality cotrol. Shrink wrap can also serve as a tool for your customers to easily show them what tanks are full and what tanks are empty. Along with this, Ratermann Mfg, offers the ability to custom imprint your logo, phone number, address and/or website to promote brading while your customers are using your product.

Josh weinman of Delille Oxygen had this to say about shirnk wrap,"we use shrink wrap as quality assurance more than anything to know if it's full or empty. It helps our customers, if they see the shrink wrap inside the cylinder cap they know the tank is full, it has grown to be what they rely on the most." 

Click here to watch Josh Weinman talk about the reasons Delille Oxygen uses shrink wrap

to order shrink wrap click here:

 For more information on all 3 tools request info here :  Get more Info on fill plant supplies