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By: Lance Looper on January 17th, 2023

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Eliminate Worry with Generant BLD Cryogenic Regulators

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Never say “I hope it works!” again!

Industry-leading Generant BLD Series cryogenic pressure regulators provide high flow and shut off quickly and accurately, meaning you never have to second-guess.


The widest pressure range out there.

Truly unique in the industry, the BLD Series flow rates range from 15 to 600 PSI with four spring ranges. This provides high flow at precise pressure control, allowing pressures to stay high across a variety of draw rates.

Accurate, quick shutoff every time.

With optimized seat geometry, the BLD Series regulators close tight at the desired set pressure, always. While other regulators may creep a little, if you need the BLD to close at 450 PSI, it closes at 450 PSI. Every single time. 

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Designed specifically for cryogenic and oxygen bulk and micro bulk cylinders.

Solid metal diaphragms ensure long-lasting, leak-free performance with PTFE seals for cryogenic use. The Monel inlet filter screen is oxygen compatible and keeps contaminants out. All BLD Series regulators arrive cleaned for oxygen service.


Easily interchangeable with other products.

BLD regulators are a cinch to drop-in and replace other regulators, with available adapter kits so there’s no hard tubing change.


Thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested with Ratermann.

Committed to pushing smart innovation in the industry, Generant sent their highly skilled team of scientists and product engineers to the Houston Ratermann facility for extensive research and testing. That time and effort resulted in a truly reliable, high-quality regulator that has proven to be far and above other offerings in the marketplace.

The Generant BLD Series – reliable, long-lasting, and purpose-built for cryogenic micro bulks.


Questions? Contact us to learn more about the BLD Series: