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By: Lance Looper on March 24th, 2023

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Save Money and Ease Operation with Herose Globe Valves

cryogenic valves

Designed as a drop-in replacement for bulkier RegO vent valves, the Herose Globe Valve maximizes ease of use and safety at a fraction of the cost – and without compromising on quality or safety. No one outside of Ratermann has this product, which nicely rounds out our bulk tank and trailer package line.

Herose Globe Valve

Slim, trim and easy to operate.

With an extended, brazed stainless steel stem, the Herose globe valve provides easy access in otherwise hard-to-reach places. The quick-turn handle enables fast operation with low resistance to rotation, thanks to an ergonomically designed handwheel that doesn’t easily slip out of your grasp.

No-fuss maintenance and replacement.

Swapping out the valve is a snap – just change the complete bonnet. There’s no need to remove the valve from the customer’s system – saving you both time and money.

Oxygen safe, built to last.

Engineered for use with air gases and cryogenic liquefied gases, the Herose globe valves arrive free of oil and grease, ready for use with oxygen service. Extensively cycle tested by industrial gas leaders, these valves are proven to have an extended operating life against industry standards.


Herose Valve Handle

Customizable to meet your specific needs.

A variety of connection options are available (including different stub end lengths) and three handwheel colors (green, gray or blue). You can also customize the handwheel with your company's brand color and logo so it's instantly recognizable.

See the complete Herose Globe Valve line.


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