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By: Lance Looper on January 11th, 2023

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Is it Normal? Cut Down Customer Service Calls with Operation Labels

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“Is my liquid cylinder supposed to be covered in frost?”

“Gas is venting from the cylinder – is it going to blow?”

How many times has your customer service department received panicked-sounding calls about liquid cylinder frosting or gas venting? And how often is the answer that the cylinder is performing normally? Here’s where a custom operation label can save you time.

There are many circumstances where the people interacting with a liquid cylinder may not be familiar with what is considered “normal operation.” The tank may be experiencing heavy draw and frosting, or it may be relieving pressure by venting. Both scenarios can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t understand how liquid cylinders operate.

DL14 Cylinder Operation Label

Clear, Concise, Easy to Read

In addition to the safety warnings, the operational label also provides a quick reference for common cylinder safety features such as venting and frosting, with specific instructions for any actions that might need to be taken.

A helpful diagram breaks down cylinder controls and functions while highlighting their locations in a simple format any experience level can understand.

Completely Customizable

Ratermann also offers customizable options so that you can add a company logo or specific contact information. For example, a university lab might include a department name and phone number for fielding questions and avoiding a service call.

Better Information Equals Fewer Customer Service Calls

Bottom line, these labels are the most inexpensive way to effectively reduce the number of customer service calls and tank return requests. Concerned customers can quickly see whether a cylinder is doing what it’s designed to do, thus freeing up customer support to handle more important concerns.

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