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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on January 30th, 2017

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Life Hack- Stop losing your medical and industrial gas cylinders

Medical Gas Supplies | Fill Plants

Who likes losing their industrial, medical or specialty gas cylinders?

here is an easy solution:


 Customer- Owned Management Collars

cust collars.jpg

What they prevent:

mix-ups of different cylinders. It's hard to tell which cylinder belongs to who after a while. Cylinder collars help to identify where the cylinder belongs.


How they work: 

cust collars 3.jpgThe management collars come in 18 different colors so that a color coding system can be used. People can identify color from long distances more quickly than stopping to read each tag. Most of our customers use a different color for each customer or fill plant location/branch.







cust collars 1.jpgFor a bullet-proof system, the collar also explains with clear text " Customer Owned Return To ___ ".  The location or customer that the cylinder belongs to is simply written on the blank line so people don't have to second guess which color is for which location, branch or customer. 




Click Here to download our different management collar offerings >>