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By: Lance Looper on November 22nd, 2023

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Cryogenic Safety: Stop the Pop

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If you’ve ever been in close proximity to a cryogenic cylinder when the safety relief valve pops open, you know it’s jarringly loud, almost like a shotgun blast. From a safety standpoint, the noise is high enough in decibels (over 100dB) to cause hearing damage if a worker is close enough to the valve. And from a plain nuisance perspective, it’s extremely startling and disruptive. 


Generant LCV

To eliminate the safety hazard and the nuisance factor, Generant re-designed the LCV series as a back pressure regulator that works a little differently. As the pressure comes up in the cylinder, the LCV valve begins to chatter and relieve product in a more natural state, lowering the decibel level by approximately 30 or 40 to a much more tolerable and safer amount that complies with OSHA sound level regulations.

The LCV also incorporates Generant’s “dirt guard” poppet, which prevents contaminants and debris and greatly reduces the likelihood of valve failure. No other valve in the industry has this feature.

Generant LCV


Key Features:

  • Designed exclusively for use on DOT 4L liquid cylinders
  • Eliminates disruptive pop sound associated with traditional cylinder relief devices
  • Proven “Dirt Guard” poppet
  • Accurately maintains and controls cylinder pressure minimizing product loss
  • Exceeds industry and regulatory flow capacity requirements
  • Complies with OSHA sound level regulations
  • Extensively field tested and qualified
  • OEM approved and endorsed
  • Cleaned and packaged for oxygen service

Technical Data:

  • Nominal set pressure range: 22 - 500 Psig (1.5 to 34.5 Bar)
  • Zero leakage to 95% of set pressure
  • Reseat: 90% of set pressure
  • Temperature rating: -320 to 350 F (-196 to 176 C)


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