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By: Lance Looper on January 31st, 2024

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Cryo Safety Check: Evaluating Your Relief Valves

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When was the last time you checked your cryogenic safety valves? More than five years ago? 10? Do you even remember?

The safety relief valve is the main safety that protects the inner vessel of a bulk tank or transport trailer for dangerous pressure builds. Safety relief valves are set to a specific pressure, and as long as the tank stays under that pressure, all is well. But if the pressure begins to build for some reason, the relief valve opens and safely releases the pressure out into the atmosphere.

It’s a good rule of thumb to check or replace safety relief valves every four to five years. A date code printed on the valve tells you when it was manufactured.

Herose ASME cryogenic relief valve

Light weight and always reliable: the Herose ASME Cryogenic Relief Valve

The Herose 06388 Series Relief Valve is ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) coded to meet specific standards for bulk tanks and transport trailers. Light weight and more reliable than other similar valves on the market, the Herose ASME Cryogenic Relief Valve features options that cover a pressure range from 25 to 5,000 PSI. 

Herose ASME cryogenic relief valve installed

Fully adjustable, for derating tanks.

As hospital systems and manufacturing facilities overhaul and update equipment, they often have a need to derate the pressure coming from the outside supply tanks. Here’s where the ASME cryogenic relief valve can be easily adjusted to bring down the pressure before delivering cryogens inside the facility. 

Key Features:

  • Metal to metal seated, closed bonnet, cleaned and degreased for oxygen service
  • Carbon-filled PTFE valve seal
  • Fabricated in bronze
  • ASME certified
  • Approved for air gases, vapors and cryogenic liquefied gases
  • Working temperature: -196 C / -321 F up to +185 C / +365 F
  • Available options include nickel-plated external parts and installed elbow at outlet
  • 06388 Series Pressures from 29 to 725 PSI
  • High pressure option available up to 5,000 PSI

Because Ratermann is the North American distributor for Herose, we have a large supply of relief valves in-stock and ready to ship. (Need something in a hurry? Check out our new customer service hours and same-day shipping options!)

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