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By: Lance Looper on July 3rd, 2024

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Cost & Labor Efficient: Cryogenic Mainfill Assemblies

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In the early days of cryogenic bulk tanks, fitting a tank with valves and instrumentation was a lot more complicated and involved, as customer needs grew to include check valves, strainers, relief valves, and drain valves in addition to the primary top and bottom fill components. It took hours of welding and brazing to build up a tank, which greatly limited how many tanks could be outfitted and put into operation. 


Mainfill assembly

A simple idea with big impact

As cryogenic applications grew, so did the need for more bulk tanks and transports, as well as a more efficient process to build them up and get them into service faster. Recognizing the need, some engineers sketched out an idea on a cocktail napkin to combine all of the needed components into a “mainfill assembly” that would speed up the process without compromising on quality or performance. By reducing the man hours, tanks would go out the door faster and more frequently.

Not only did this speed up the tank build time, it also ensured that tanks were fitted with the proper components to maintain the right pressure-to-liquid balance during cryogenic fill applications. Ratermann’s mainfill assemblies currently include the most common components (top and bottom fill valves, drain valves, check valves and strainers) but do offer a variety of configurations based on application needs. 

Recently, Monel components have been incorporated for oxygen service, with a Monel strainer insert to double-down on safety for oxygen applications. While stainless steel is the preferred version for the majority of applications, Ratermann’s mainfill assemblies are available in full brass (though brass tends to wear a little more over time in addition to discoloring).


Mainfill assembly stainlessMainfill assembly brassMainfill assembly cryogenic

Cost-efficient, labor-efficient and much safer

By eliminating the hassle of welding and brazing a system of pipes and valves, mainfill assemblies also offer greatly improved safety as there are far fewer leak points to be concerned about. They’re also easier to work on from a maintenance standpoint, because everything is combined into one assembly as opposed to a collection of individual components.

  • Sizes DN25 and DN40
  • Secure pressures up to 50 bar
  • Operating temperatures of -321F to +248F
  • Stainless steel and bronze
  • Monel options
  • Approved for air gases, vapors and cryogenic liquified gases
  • A range of assemblies that fit a wide variety of application needs


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