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By: Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. on February 7th, 2022

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15+ Year Battery Life. View Our Complete Telemetry Offering.



Did you know our telemetry units last 15 years?

The OTOData controller survives harsh environments, is Class1 Div2, has a 5+ year warranty, 15+ year battery life, connect to different carriers seamlessly, extreme accuracy, interchangeable leads, manufactured in North America, plug-n-play installation, compatible with Nee-Vo App, works with all gauges, dials and software, and Hardware-as-a-service program available.

Everyone else either needs to plug into a wall or use a battery/solar kits.  From a battery life standpoint, it’s really not a comparison being everyone else plugs in. 

In addition, we are more cost-effective on almost all hardware and by a ton on monthly service fees. 

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