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By: Lance Looper on October 25th, 2023

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The Generant LTAP: Lifesaving Accuracy for Cryogenic Shutoff

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In any cryogenic application, there has to be a shutoff device in place for basic safety. The Generant LTAP is that device.


Generant LTAP


Anyone working in the cryogenic world knows how important it is to prevent cryogenic liquid from making it downstream into normal, commercial piping that isn’t designed to support it. Think about sending oxygen to a patient in a hospital or liquid nitrogen into a warehouse – while it’s easier and cheaper to keep it in liquid form, at the end of the day the customer needs gas. 

When cryogenic liquid makes it downstream into conventional carbon steel or PVC piping, there are life-threatening consequences. Metal embrittles, PVC cracks and fractures, and ultimately everything explodes. Over the past 12 years, we have seen unfortunate, preventable loss of life simply because cryogenic liquid has gone past the point of no return.

The 16-degree problem: other devices simply aren’t accurate

Other low-temperature actuation probes out on the market function with a thermo-probe designed to open a regulator and drop pressure when the temperature hits a low setpoint of -20F or -40F, which shuts off a regulator downstream to stop the flow of cryogenic liquid. But there are problems with the other models. 

First, these devices had to be calibrated every year, and most customers didn’t know this. What customers also didn’t know is that there is a 16-degree difference between when the device was designed to shut off and when it actually shut off. And that 16 degrees can make the difference between life and death when it comes to cryogenic liquids. 

The Generant LTAP is the most accurate and safe out there

The Generant LTAP works on physics. The LTAP Series Low Temperature Actuation Probe is a temperature controlled pneumatic two-way valve. The device utilizes a pressurized copper probe which reacts to fluid temperature and opens a passageway in the top control head as the fluid temperature approaches the device temperature setpoint.

Loaded with CO2, as the fixed volume changes, so does the pressure. When the low setpoint temperature is reached, the LTAP opens a port in the control head. The control head has adequate capacity (Cv: 0.02) to relieve flow passing through a 0.006” orifice, which is typical of low-temperature manifold designs. An O-ring seal in the control head valve allows for bubble tight performance at temperatures above setpoint.

The physical properties of CO2 ensure that this occurs at the correct temperature every time.


Generant LTAP.


Extremely accurate & fast opening

The Generant LTAP published accuracy is +/- 3F, but production testing criteria proved much tighter. At less than 3F from the first bubble to full open, the LTAP series can be installed on cryogenic systems to protect end users when draw rates are higher than system capacity or ambient conditions are much colder than normal.

Generant LTAP Drop Test


Robust design, low maintenance

The Generant LTAP has been subjected to drop testing on a concrete pad to ensure that the device remains functional even if it is mishandled. Unlike competitor products in the market, the LTAP only needs to be serviced every 3 years, as opposed to every year. However, our extensive testing and the LTAPs consistently stellar performance makes us confident that this is a conservative estimate.

Extensively tested and validated

We’ve spent hundreds of hours performing validation tests, and the Generant LTAP has consistently performed at high levels across the following crucial areas:

  • Setpoint reliability and repeatability
  • Ambient temperature cycling (simulating seasonal fluctuation)
  • Effect of extreme cold (function at -20F and -40F ambient)
  • Drop testing (resistance to mishandling)
  • Warm lifecycle (diaphragm fatigue life)
  • Cold lifecycle (fatigue life cold, setpoint drift)
  • Hydrostatic internal
  • Hydrostatic external (probe)
  • Control head pressure testing
  • Field testing vs. the incumbent

Other competitors’ devices were not rugged, and frequently broke during shipping. We dropped the Generant LTAP from a 12-foot ladder and could not break it. 

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate: Setpoint Tolerance of ±3°F.  
  • Quick open: Control head opens quickly at desired setpoint: less than 3°F from first bubble to full open.
  • Repeatable and reliable: Designed to activate at temperature setpoint repeatably and reliably in a wide range of ambient conditions.  
  • Cleaned for O2 service: Assembled Cleaned for Oxygen Service as Standard.
  • Robust design: Solid brass design with Working Pressures up to 600 PSIG.
  • Ratermann custom label: QR code provides quick access to installation and maintenance information.

Bottom line: 

The Generant LTAP Series has a better design, is better for the industry, and has been thoroughly tested and proven for reliability and safety.

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